Monday, September 20, 2010

Today my mother lost her fight with cancer and passed away in the early morning hours. I have watched my mother decline steadily since April. My relationship with my mom was very good, there were no outstanding issues and nothing left unsaid.

I told her I would be OK after she was gone. I want to make good on that promise.

I will continue to move forward with my artistic ambitions, it's something I've always wanted and she would not have wanted me to stop.

Success to me is not being rich, but having a rich life doing the things I enjoy. To live, to share my life with people, to dream, to travel, to have adventures and tell stories with the images I create.

I realize the best way to honor my mom is to have a good life. Because that's what our parents really want for us in the end.

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Javier Hernandez said...


That peace you had with your mother is important. Nothing, I'm sure, would be better than to have here with you, but having your time with her these last months has to be something to appreciate.

And yes, your art can be therapeutic, as well as a way to continue to forge something for yourself.

All my best,

Javier Hernandez